Edit Charts in the XrmToolBox for Dynamics 365

For the past months I have been collaborating with Mohamed Rasheed on a plugin for the XrmToolBox. We are pleased to announce that it is now available.

The plugin, which can be downloaded from the plugins store is called “Advanced Chart Editor” and it lets you modify the chart XML in Dynamics 365 (and Dynamics CRM) without having to export the charts or know how to write the XML. All the properties can be added or changed in the interface.

The tool focuses on the styling of the chart, so you can edit all the series and axis properties. Here’s a video to introduce the “Advanced Chart Editor” tool for XrmToolBox.

You can find the project on GitHub here

And on NuGet

Hope you enjoy it. And a huge THANKS to Mohamed Rasheed for pulling this off on the development side. He is a great developer and it definitely wouldn’t have happened without his contribution.

As mentioned in the video, this tool is built on top of the Chart Manager that is already in the XrmToolBox. No need to reinvent the wheel. So of course a tremendous amount of thanks to Tanguy Touzard for having made both the XrmToolBox and the Chart Manager available.

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22 thoughts on “Edit Charts in the XrmToolBox for Dynamics 365

  1. I keep getting the error ‘input string was not in a correct format’ when I try to click open the series or chartareas. I’m on a Dynamics 365 version Where can I send the error stack?I have this both on my production and dev environment.
    I hope it’s not a big issue, so I can quickly go about changing some charts…
    Nice work!

  2. I workup to this great new from a post from D365+CRMUG.. Just when you thought it could not get any better..Here comes Ulrik to the rescue.

    Cant wait to install this in my Dev environment.

  3. Hi,

    This looks great, but like others I can’t go further than opening the visual editor. After that I get a “unhandled exception” error if I click on any of the nodes. I have the latest update (the one in the app store).

  4. Hi Ulrik,
    I have tried this example a few times, but can’t get the second series background color to appear.
    This is the xml for the chart:

    • I have corrected my statement below. I would like to load a chart from a dashboard can I do this through the tool without going through the Import Charts tool.

  5. When I imported a chart from a file in Advanced Chart Editor Import charts utility, I get the following error Missing ‘description’ node.

    • Ankit, make sure that you have the latest version of XrmToolBox.
      I got this and other errors until I realised that I didn’t have the latest version.

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